Wagon Wheel 

All our tips are 8-32 threads to fit common wood burners. 

The OTD Waffle Tips dramatically speeds up the stippling process over the single point method, and allows for multiple textures to be applied.  

The OTD 20LPI Finish Tip is specifically designed for straight lines and 90* corners.

OTD Waffle tips are available individually or in a kit. 

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One 20 LPI Waffle tip will last for 2-3 pistol frames.  After some use the 'points' will start to wear down slightly.  

The 16 and 12LPI will last roughly 3-4x as long.  Buy accordingly!


12LPI Waffle

OTD Pronghorn


Each product on the store will have a listed Grip Index rating to help you decide what you are after.  Keep in mind that this list is somewhat subjective depending on the users hands.  For example, a shooter who has a desk job will be a notch or two down on the list when compared to a lumberjack. 

Firearms Stippling Kit

All In One Tip Kit

16LPI Waffle

Deluxe Stippling Kit

OTD Diamond Tip

All In One Tip Kit

OTDefense Firearm Stippling Kit

The OTDefense Firearm Stippling Kit is designed for professional use and is manufactured in the USA.   Available in Basic and Deluxe versions. 

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Rectangle Tip

20LPI Waffle

OTD 20LPI Finish Tip

X Tip

Swiss machined and CNC'ed precision tips.  Get the grip YOU want on your gun.