Nub Mod for Level 3 ALS/SLS holsters. Also works on ALS only holsters.

-Angled to provide your SLS hood clearance over the Nub.  

-Grooved to minimize the chance of you thumb sliding off.

-Hard anodized for a tough long lasting finish. 

-Comes with a washer and extra allen wrench for your holster screws.  See Install instructions below.

Depending on your holster you may have to find a thicker washer.  The 7TS holsters seem to run a bit tight on the hood without a Nub Mod due to the molding process. The non-light bearing 7TS holsters are very tight. In the picture to the right you'll see where I ground off a slight amount of material to make a smoother hood operation (red arrow).

1. Press the large portion of the Nub onto the factory button from the outside of the holster. 

SLS Nub Mod Kit

After bolting on the Nub Mod.

3.  Insert screw and tighten with small allen wrench.  Loc-tite is recommended after initial fitting. 

B. Using the large allen wrench, remove the two top screws that secure the SLS mechanism to the holster. Be sure not to misplace the screws with the others. 

NOTE:  Some levers are a bit different then others due to molding, use, etc.  The Left Handed SLS Nubs are actually a tad tighter then I would like in the current batch. They can be pressed on or 'cammed' on over the indexing ledge, or one may simply remove a few thousands of plastic from the lower edge of the standard ALS lever.  See Arrow to right. 

Due to variations in holsters, additional steps may be required. If you notice in the above photo the nub is slightly touching the SLS hood. Depending on how much friction this creates you may need to add the washer.

See below. 

2. Align the notch and key and press the smaller piece into the notch.


A:  Using the large allen wrench, remove the belt loop screws. You may just loosen the lower screw and swing the loop out of the way. 

D:  Reverse the instructions, and check for clearance of the Nub Mod.  Notice the gap in the picture below. 


SLS Nub Mod for Level 3 Holsters

C: Place the washer over the top threaded hole.