Safety is paramount when one is around firearms. Too often folks get caught up in day to day life and neglect to do something that is extremely important: Teach their kids about gun safety!  

As responsible firearm owning parents, aunts, uncles etc, we need to teach children at a young age the basic rules for firearm safety. It may simply start as 'do not touch' at one age. As understanding and maturity evolve, some simple rules can start to lay the foundation for safe firearm handling under adult supervision.  The end goal of course is to raise up good adults who, whether they continue in the tradition of shooting sports or not, are not fearful of firearms, and know how to safely use them if need be. 

Here is simply what we have found to work quite well, based off the Marine Corps Weapon Safety rules because, well, if a crayon eating Marine can figure it out most kids should be more than capable...

Treat Never Keep Know.

Treat every gun like it is loaded.

Never point a gun at anything you don't want to shoot.

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

Know your target and what is behind it.

Our kids have to tell us these rules before they are allowed to touch a gun, and have wristbands with 'the rules' on it in case they need a visual reminder. 

We could go into detail as to why we chose the four above rules to teach our children, and why we didn't add 'keep your gun on safe' and numerous other things, but that is not our place.  Do your own thinking, make your own rules, just TEACH them and ENFORCE them!

If you like our rules, we have a bunch of silicone bracelets with the 4 rules on them. Just ask for one in your order notes and we will throw one (or as many kids as you have) in!